Aspen Anonda
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I want to create a space for others to feel deeply

My name is Aspen Anonda. I’m here to sing songs and write until my hands fall off.

I am wildly passionate about songwriting, and I started performing before I even knew what stage fright was. My goal is to be a storyteller, an artist, and a light.

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Latest Release - "Inner Workings of my Soul"


I released my first EP in November 2017. It was a process full of late nights in the studio, early mornings writing music, and nonstop work.


Soul Songs: My newest company

Soul Songs started my freshman year in college when I decided to try and sell personalized songs for Valentines Day... I was just trying to make a little bit of side cash. I knew songwriting was my passion, so I posted my idea on Facebook thinking maybe 3 of my friends would contact me about it. I spent the following weekend writing 12 songs just days before Valentines Day. I know 12 doesn't seem like a lot of orders in the business world, but when I only had a few days to do it, it was wild! The responses to these songs were breathtaking. Stories of happy tears and non-stop 'thank you's. I quickly realized that personalized songs were a beautiful and unique gift to both give and receive.
Just like that.. Soul Songs was born! These songs are the perfect expression of love for those people you care about most.

Much love, 

Aspen Anonda.